Pleasure Island Shuttle is Carolina and Kure Beach's only shuttle service offering fast, friendly and affordable shuttle services to Fort Fisher Ferry, Carolina Beach, Kure Beach and surrounding areas with pick-up and drop-off points at:

Shuttle Services

from 5:30am-7pm

Please allow 24 hour advance 

notice when making online reservations 

Thank you!

910 707-1570

Call to schedule a pick up- 910 707-1570

The North Carolina Department of Transportation operates a vehicle and passenger ferry between Southport and Fort Fisher. This is a year-round ferry. For more information please see below or call the ferry service directly at


Carolina Beach - Kure Beach - Ft. Fisher/Southport Ferry Shuttle Services

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Pleasure Island Shuttle Service offers transportation to all hotels, motels and vacation rentals located on Pleasure Island. With convenient pick up and drop off points along Carolina and Kure Beach, Pleasure Island Shuttle of Carolina Beach will get you where you want to be!

 Pleasure Island Shuttle provides ferry shuttle service from 5:30am to 7pm from Freeman Park with reservations. The Southport-Fort Fisher ferry departs from the tip of Fort Fisher and arrives in the historic town of Southport.

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910 707-1570

ILM Airport Shuttle Services Serving Pleasure Island 24/7

Pleasure Island Airport Shuttle also offers around the clock shuttle services to and from

 Wilmington International Airport (ILM) to all hotels, motels and vacation rentals located on Pleasure Island. 

Daily Shuttle Cab Service to Ft. Fisher Ferry, ILM Airport, Carolina Beach, Kure Beach, Wilmington!


- Medical Transportation

- Food, Grocery Pick-ups

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